Bio: Elliot Moule

Elliot Moule

Currently working and residing in Sydney, Australia, Elliot Moule is a Software Developer with many skills and interests. To match his many interests, Elliot has three degrees, ranging across several areas of expertise. These include, a Bachelor of Writing, a Bachelor of Games Development, Programming, and a Postgraduate Diploma of Education, Primary.

As a developer, Elliot has expertise within 3-D visualisation technologies, including mixed reality, and game development. His core programming language is C#, though, has a lot of experience with many other languages, and frameworks, too many to list, so it is encouraged that you visit his website, and portfolio.

Prior to his career change into software development, Elliot was a Primary Teacher, Specialist Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Teacher, and ICT Coordinator, at Abbotsford Public School in Sydney, Australia. After half a decade as a teacher, and managing the ICT for a large school, Elliot decided that he should move full-time into technology.

Outside of work, Elliot continues to write (many formats and mediums), enjoys a good dose of John Denver, seeks out and enjoys drinking coffee, and loves travelling when he has the opportunity. He also loves video games, and hopes to work in that field, and so often accidentally ends up on his computer, tinkering with the Unity Engine, creating prototypes and test games in his spare time.

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