Elliot Moule

Elliot Moule

Senior Software Developer

Elliot is a teacher, writer, software engineer, and business owner, with a love for learning and stories. Having developed a strong work ethic, and a learning attitude developed through adversity, Elliot has never been one to rest on his laurels and brings this focus and intensity to much of what he does. It is thus no surprise, that he has many interests, and holds several degrees, in varying areas, to match.

Detailed Bio

While formerly a Primary School Teacher, Elliot has been working in ICT since 2013, starting out as an Information Communication Technologies (ICT) Coordinator, in Sydney Australia. He soon progressed to managing lead, liaising with Third Parties, and managing ICT (400+ devices) site wide. During the proceeding half a decade, Elliot taught himself programming using Visual Basic (VB6) Forms and a textbook and created tools to help with his job. Soon after, he enrolled in a Games Programming, to extend on his knowledge, and tackle mathematically complex problems. Halfway through, Elliot was presented an innovation award for his work with the Microsoft HoloLens, and contributions to MS Docs for that device. Following this, and still midway degree, Elliot was headhunted by a leading Software company in Sydney and offered a permanent position.

Today, and still residing within Australia, Elliot now works as part of the Australian Division of CODE, trailblazing opportunities there, while contributing heavily to various projects worldwide. He is entirely comfortable leading a project, and delivering excellent results to clients, due to his strict determination and hardworking attitude. Whether it is working to add features, modernise old code, or creating new technology using WPF and CODE's own CODE Framework, you can feel assured that Elliot will get you to the finish line, and beyond.

Elliot enjoys travelling, writing, reading, video games, tasting wine and coffee, and a good dose of John Denver.


  • C | C++ | C#
  • WPF | UWP | WinForms
  • Python
  • Visual Basic
  • XAML | XML | JSON | HTML | CSS | Markdown
  • Unity Engine (2D/3D/iOS/Android/WebGL/XR)
  • Unreal Engine 4
  • JavaScript (Vanilla JS, Vue)
  • Go
  • Flutter
  • GIT
  • Docker & Kubernetes
  • PowerShell/ Bash/ Shell
  • Adobe Photoshop

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