Bio: Elliot Moule

Elliot Moule

Senior Software Developer

Having many interests, and a love for learning and stories, Elliot holds several degrees, starting with his Bachelor's Degree in Writing. This degree provided him the chance to work with, and learn from, published authors, and successful script writers, and gain confidence in his own writing ability.

To support writing professionally, he enrolled in a Post-Graduate degree, a Diploma in Education (Primary), wherein he learned and gained experience to become a teacher. Soon after graduating, due to being interested, knowledgeable, and able to work well, with technology, Elliot was employed full-time as a specialist ICT Teacher, and ICT Coordinator, at a Abbotsford Public School, located in Sydney, Australia. He taught, and managed the ICT, at the School for just under five years, during which time he also studied full-time to attain a Bachelor's Degree in Games Development (Programming), which he had begun, to augment his ICT qualifications.

Whilst Elliot had previously dabbled in programming, he soon found himself very interested in it, and even though it was not easy, decided to change careers to pursue something he loved doing. Working hard, long, hours alongside of work, Elliot was soon invited to intern with nsquared in Sydney, wherein he was one of the first people working with the Microsoft HoloLens 1. Graduating not long after, he was invited back to nsquared to work full-time.

Since joining nsquared, Elliot has enjoyed the constant learning, and challenges, which come as being a software developer. He has also enjoyed being able to utilise his communication, and writing, skills on projects, including helping to create thirteen Azure cross mixed reality courses, as part of Microsoft Docs Mixed Reality Academy.

Outside of work, Elliot continues to write (many formats and mediums), enjoys a good dose of John Denver, seeks out and enjoys drinking coffee, and loves travelling when he has the opportunity. He also loves video games, and hopes to work in that field, and so often accidentally ends up on his computer, tinkering with the Unity Engine, creating prototypes and test games in his spare time.

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