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Iain Hopwood, Media Manager
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, Houston, TX, Monday, May 18th, 2009

EPS Software Corp. announces the launch of its new subsidiary called Tower 48 Inc., a High-Tech Software Escrow company. Tower 48 is a joint venture between EPS Software Corp. and its founder, renowned software industry expert, and publisher of CODE Magazine: Markus Egger and various other software and legal experts.

Tower 48’s unique escrow process is completely digital, offering a simple, fast, and secure way to deposit all types of digital assets (files) into escrow and add beneficiaries. Tower 48 provides a much more cost effective way to escrow assets, by eliminating most fees normally associated with escrow, and slashing the main escrow fees to a fraction of competitor’s fees.

Unlike traditional escrow companies, Tower 48 provides ways to deposit and release escrowed assets in an entirely digital fashion, allowing both depositors and beneficiaries to perform all requires tasks through a secure web site. No fees or expenses are associated with updating or verifying escrow. All parties involved are able to verify escrowed assets at any time, without violating escrow agreements, or accidental release of escrowed assets or trade secrets.

Tower 48 also enables direct integration of the escrow process into eCommerce systems, effectively enabling vendors to roll out software escrow on a large scale and at a very small expense to all parties involved. Tower 48’s flexible fee structure enables software escrow on any scale, regardless of whether the software is priced at 99 cents, or $500,000. Furthermore, Tower 48 enables direct integration into escrow services from development environments such as Visual Studio, Team System, or Eclipse. This allows for seamless integration of the escrow process into the development and deployment process without any overhead.

Tower 48 offers various fee schedules including a simple “5/5/5” schedule that allows vendors to deposit up to 5 projects, with 5 beneficiaries, and 5GB of data for less than $1 per day ($29.95 per month) to customized schedules that even allows vendors to keep up to two thirds of the escrow fee as the vendor’s profit.

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About Software Escrow
Escrow is the process of depositing assets with an impartial third party to guarantee the release of those assets under certain circumstances to a beneficiary. Software Escrow is this process applied to computer software (or other digital assets and files). Typically, a software vendor puts software (and associated source code or internal documentation) into escrow, so a customer can benefit from it in case the vendor goes out of business or ends support for the product. Exact release conditions may vary widely depending on the exact escrow agreement. The Tower 48 escrow process is optimized towards software escrow. However, it can also be used for all kinds of other digital escrow, such as the escrow of digital rights free (“DRM-free”) versions of digital rights managed files such as music, videos, or e-books.

About EPS Software Corp.
Houston-based EPS is one of the most highly regarded custom software development companies in the world. Microsoft Certified Partner and publisher of CODE Magazine, EPS employs highly respected senior developers who are known to their peers for their level of technical excellence, and for being speakers, authors, recipients of numerous honors, awards and technical certifications. EPS has developed world-class software for QUALCOMM, Philip Morris, NEC, Conoco Phillips, the Dow Corning Trust and many other leading firms, and specializes in .NET-based development and VFP to .NET conversions. Since 1994, EPS has acquired the reputation of the “developer’s developer” – the trusted source of object oriented programming innovations. To learn more about EPS Software Corp. or CODE Magazine visit and

About Tower 48 Inc.
Tower 48 is a high-tech, secure, inexpensive, simple, and flexible digital escrow service created specifically for the software industry. Created by a group of leading software developers and legal experts, including Markus Egger, the founder and owner of EPS Software Corp and CODE Magazine Tower 48 understands both the software development process as well as software escrow. Tower 48’s escrow solution is a 100% digital process, enabling secure, immediate updates 24/7, at a very low total cost, and no per-access fees. Tower 48 utilizes a state of the art system that allows escrowed assets to be updated anytime and to be interfaced directly with the development environment, such as Visual Studio, making escrowing software a seamless part of the build process. Tower 48 is built on modern, high performance, service oriented architecture (SOA), allowing secure, customized access and seamless integration into the development processes and systems. For more information about Tower 48 or to sign up for a free trial account, visit