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  • 10 Good Practices for ASP.NET MVC Apps

    Dino talks about the best possible layout for your project in MVC 5, and gives some great tips for helping you keep it all organized and effi cient.

  • A First Look at ASP.NET vNext

    In this article, Rick plays with the beta version of ASP.NET vNext. You’ll get to see what’s (probably) coming so you can start making plans.

  • An Introduction to ASP.NET Web API

    Microsoft recently released the ASP.NET MVC 4.0 beta and along with it, the brand spanking new ASP.NET Web API. Web API is an exciting new addition to the ASP.NET stack that provides a new, well-designed HTTP framework for creating REST and AJAX APIs...

  • ASP.NET MVC 2 in Action

    Hot on the heels of the groundbreaking release of ASP.NET MVC 1.0, the ASP.NET MVC team at Microsoft has already released the first Community Technology Preview (CTP) of version 2.I have already predicted that Microsoft’s MVC Framework will become th...

  • ASP.NET MVC 4 Highlights - Part 2: Bundling and Minification

    In the first installment of this series, I explored a few of the new features in ASP.NET MVC 4, including the new default project templates, mobile templates, and display modes. Since that article, ASP.NET MVC 4 has been released to beta. For brevity...

  • ASP.NET MVC 4 Highlights, Part 1

    Microsoft released ASP.NET MCV 3 just over a year ago. If history is a good indicator of timing, we can expect the next ASP.NET MVC release in the not too distant future. As of this writing’s date, Microsoft has not announced a firm release date. You...

  • ASP.NET MVC and the ADO.NET Entity Framework

    Both ASP.NET MVC and the ADO.NET Entity Framework are both very popular topics right now in the developer community.Having spoken at various user group meeting and code camps it is very obvious to me what topics a lot of developers are interested in....

  • ASP.NET MVC and the Spark View Engine

    Getting friendly with HTML in ASP.NET MVC just got a whole lot easier.In this article, I’ll delve into the Spark View Engine, an alternate view engine for the ASP.NET MVC Framework. Spark’s main goal is to allow HTML to dominate the flow of view deve...

  • ASP.NET vNext: The Next Generation

    ASP.NET has been Microsoft’s hallmark product for more than a dozen years. In vNext, it’s getting more readily adaptable to the way users—especially mobile users—interact with their data, and Rick shows us how to take advantage of these radical changes.

  • Building ASP.NET Single Page Applications in HTML 5 with Upshot

    A Single Page Application (SPA) is a different way of building HTML 5 applications from traditional Web page development. Instead of spreading the functionality of your Web applications across a collection of separate Web pages with hyperlinks betwee...

  • By the Skin of Your App

    Enable advanced skinning in your Web applications using an MVC pattern.MVC, or Model-View-Controller, is a design architecture that promotes separation among parts of an application, with particular focus on the presentation tier. The concept of MVC ...

  • Creating Wijmo: The New JavaScript Library in Town

    Wijmo contains over 30 widgets built on jQuery and jQuery UI that can help you build a better Web.

  • CRUD in HTML, JavaScript, and jQuery Using the Web API

    In this second installment of his new series on working within HTML and the Web API, Paul looks at the four standard HTTP verbs GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE. By creating a product information page with mock data, you’ll get a good idea of the power of these tools.

  • Easy Validation in ASP.NET MVC with the Enterprise Library Validation Application Block

    The recently-released ASP.NET MVC Framework is a refreshing new way to develop your .NET Web applications.The framework is an implementation of the time-tested Model-View-Controller architectural pattern, and includes plenty of powerful paradigms all...

  • Eliminate HTML Tables for Better Mobile Web Apps

    At this point, you’re clear that your app has to work on all platforms, especially on smartphones. Paul gets tables to adjust their sizes based on which platform is being used to view it.

  • Entity Framework 4.1: Code First

    The Entity Framework team at Microsoft has been making several improvements since the launch of v4 with Visual Studio. The biggest of these is the capability to use a Code First or Code Only development model. Previously, if you wanted to work with t...

  • Getting Down to Business Building an ASP.NET Core API Service

    Building an API-based app doesn’t have to be daunting. Rick shows you how to use Angular 2.0 to build a small app that breaks out business logic, uses a repository class to consolidate data access code, and deals with complex relationships and data updates.

  • Getting to the ASP.NET Core

    New releases ASP.NET Core and .NET Core have come up with some interesting high-level architecture that you’ll want to read about. You’ll definitely want to play with these tools after Rick shows you some cool new tricks.

  • Handling Exceptions Returned from the Web API

    Learn how to use the IHttpActionResult methods in the .NET Controller class to deal with exceptions when Paul explores the messages that no one likes to receive.

  • Highlights of ASP.NET MVC 3

    As developers are just getting used to ASP.NET MVC 2 and Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft has already planned and released a preview of the next version of ASP.NET. What started out as “just another option” for ASP.NET developers has become the programm...

  • Implementing OpenID Authentication in an ASP.NET Application

    Today, more and more websites need to identify who their users are. However, in most cases this involves providing authentication, which requires storing the users handle and password. An alternative to this is to allow a third party to authenticate ...

  • Incorporating ASP.NET MVC and SQL Server Reporting Services, Part 1

    Your ASP.NET MVC application needs reports. What do you do? In this article, I will demonstrate how simple it is to weave SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) into your ASP.NET MVC Applications.Your ASP.NET MVC application needs reports. What do you ...

  • Incorporating ASP.NET MVC and SQL Server Reporting Services, Part 2

    In the last issue, I introduced you to the basics of incorporating SQL Server Reporting Services into your ASP.NET MVC applications. In this issue, I’ll finish the series by illustrating how we can transfer data between the ASP.NET MVC context and th...

  • Integrating ASP.NET MVC and Angular JS

    Miguel looks at organizing styles and integrating technologies to make one spiffy new kind of app with multi-SPA layers, and you don’t have to throw away your Microsoft experience to do it.

  • Intro to GraphQL for .NET Developers: Schema, Resolver, and Query Language

    Peter introduces you to GraphQL so your REST API client list can grow and change without a lot of pain. You can use strongly typed schema, eliminated over- and under-fetching, and you can get analytics about how clients are really using your API.

  • Leveraging Razor Templates Outside of ASP.NET: They’re Not Just for HTML Anymore!

    The Razor syntax is much more than just a clean way to write ASP.NET MVC Views and WebMatrix web pages. In fact, with a working knowledge of the Razor API, you can leverage Razor templates in any application. The Razor API exposes a powerful library ...

  • Logging in Angular Applications

    Continuing his series on Angular, Paul looks at logging as a reporting tool for debugging, warnings, errors, and other types of messages, as well as calling classes to log to the console, local storage, and Web API.

  • Marking up the Web with ASP.NET Core and Markdown

    You’re probably already using Markdown for HTML text entry and formatting your files. But Markdown is good for so much more—Rick shows you parsing, stable content in a website, embedding converted HTML into a Razor output, and more.

  • Mobile Development with Single-Page Applications Using KendoUI

    When considering mobile development, you have a variety of techniques to choose from. In many cases, reactive rendering (using CSS media queries) provides a good solution. Additional mobile customization can be achieved by using ASP.NET MVC4 device d...

  • MVP Corner: Use the ASP.NET MVC Framework to Write Web Apps without Viewstate or Postbacks

    Jan/Feb 08 MVP Corner Article

  • Nerd Dinner on Rails

    It is often said that ASP.NET MVC was inspired by Rails. What better way to test that assertion than by writing the Nerd Dinner ASP.NET MVC application in Rails? In this article, I’ll take you through the steps I used to get Nerd Dinner up and runnin...

  • Planning Web Solutions Today: Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC, Web API, and OWIN. Oh My!

    Be aware that this is not going to be a classic how-to article that delves more or less deeply into some technical issue or feature. It is, instead, an article that aims at providing an overview of the options you have at present for architecting Web solutions.

  • Post Mortem: Developing the OSS Project AutoMapper

    Jimmy explores what went right and what went wrong with version 1.0 of AutoMapper.

  • Programming Alexa Skills for the Amazon Echo

    If you’re looking for a way to computerize your home or add voice controls to your apps, you’re interested in what’s happening with Amazon Echo. Chris introduces you to some basic programming skills for the device and points the way to greatness.

  • Ready for Prime Time: .NET Core 2.0 and ASP.NET Core 2.0 Have Arrived

    Rick explores the new features in .NET Core and ASP.NET Core and shows you that the wait was worth it.

  • Rendering ASP.NET MVC Razor Views to String

    The Razor View Engine (usually used in ASP.NET MVC to render HTML views) is useful beyond standard ASP.NET MVC scenarios. In this article, Rick shows how it is done and why it is useful.

  • Supercharging ASP.NET MVC with MvcContrib

    Hot on the heels of the groundbreaking release of ASP.NET MVC CTP 1 in December of 2007, an open source project called MvcContrib came to life.MvcContrib has enjoyed tens of thousands of downloads since it started in December of 2007. In this article...

  • Telerik Kendo UI Outside the Box

    Bilal takes us on a tour of Telerik’s Kendo UI and its great number of widgets that facilitate your Web or mobile app development process. There’s no need for multiple libraries anymore!

  • The Razor View Engine

    The new view engine for ASP.NET MVC and WebMatrix combines simplicity and functionality to facilitate clean view development. In this article, I’ll dive into the Razor View Engine, the new default view engine for the ASP.NET MVC framework and WebMatr...

  • The Simplest Thing Possible: New and Improved Features in Visual Studio 2012 and ASP.NET

    Recently, Microsoft released the Visual Studio 2012.2 ASP.NET and Web Tools Refresh and the Visual Studio Update #2. In this article, I will highlight a few of the new and improved features that you will want to consider using right away. Before you ...

  • The Times they are A-changin!

  • Using jQuery with ASP.NET Part 2: Making an AJAX Callback to ASP.NET

    This time around I’ll expand on these concepts and show you how you can use jQuery in combination with ASP.NET as an AJAX backend to retrieve data. I’ll also discuss how you can create ASP.NET controls and otherwise interact with jQuery content from ...

  • Using the Ajax.NET Framework

    What developer wants to spend hours manually writing Ajax pluming when the Ajax.NET framework does this for free? The Ajax.NET Framework presents a remarkably easy-to-use framework that will simplify Ajax development and allow developers to spend mor...

  • What ASP.NET 5 Means to a Technical Manager

    Dino explores the new ASP.NET features and takes a close look at the ways it might benefit you to upgrade (or not).

  • What’s New in ASP.NET 4.0, Part One: Core Engine Features

    Microsoft released the .NET Runtime 4.0 and with it comes a brand spanking new version of ASP.NET - version 4.0 - which provides an incremental set of improvements to an already powerful platform. .NET 4.0 is a full release of the .NET Framework, unl...

  • What’s New in ASP.NET 4.5 and Visual Studio 2012

    Microsoft has added an abundance of new features and functionality to ASP.NET 4.5 and Visual Studio 2012. This article provides an overview of many of those new features and enhancements ranging from improved editors for HTML, CSS and JavaScript all ...

  • What’s New in ASP.NET Core 2.1

    Daniel takes you on a tour of the new features in the new release of ASP.NET. He thinks you’ll find it exciting, especially regarding its SignalR capabilities.

  • What’s New in ASP.NET Core 3.0

    Get ready for an exciting list (and examples) as Shawn explores the new tools in ASP.NET Core 3.0.

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