ComponentOne LLC releases ComponentOne Studio Enterprise

ComponentOne, known for their True Grid ActiveX components, has released a new 30 component subscription. Offering enterprise-level data grid controllers, charting and reporting components, and even spell checkers, the Enterprise subscription covers ActiveX, .NET and ASP.NET components.

Sold as an annual subscription, Enterprise Studio gives access to the new components released during the subscription period.

ComponentOne supports their components in all Microsoft development environments.

SourceGear Vault - Secure your source code

SourceGear Corporation has been known for their SourceOffsite product, a Web-based UI for local or remote users of Microsoft's Visual Source Safe.

Now, SourceGear releases SourceGear Vault, a complete source code control application. Built using .NET and SQL 2000, Vault provides a VSS familiar source control without the limitations of VSS. Complete migration tools from VSS are supplied.

Start developing on the ‘new’ .NET Framework

The .NET Framework 1.1 Beta offers new and expanded code security features, integrated Mobile Web support, access to native ODBC and many other features.

While the increased security may be the most anticipated feature, the most developer friendly feature is the support for side-by-side execution. Now developers can install different versions of the Framework and code to them separately, making multiple development paths much easier.

.NET Framework 1.1 Beta can be downloaded at

Visit the dotnetjunkies for everything ASP.NET

dotnetjunkies was the first non-Microsoft commercial Web site to use the .NET Framework.

dotnetjunkies provides an exhaustive representation of How-Tos, Tutorials, and code samples. From components to Web Services, dotnetjunkies provides examples of all types of ASP.NET implementations, from the simple to the complex.

Need work? Quickly look through the list of .NET jobs from around the world.

My favorite feature is the .NET Books section, giving sample chapters for .NET books from Sams and Wrox.

Though user registration is required, access to all segments of the site are free.

An easy to use ER diagram tool?

ER/Studio, from Embarcadero Technologies is that tool, or so says the study from Usability Sciences Corporation (visit for details).

ER/Studio provides a complete set of utilities to create logical models or physical diagrams and automatically turn those into creation code for your RDBMS. If you all ready have your databases created, ER/Studio provides simple reverse-engineering features. Models are easily exported into HTML reports for data dictionary support for other business units.

Currently in version 5.5.1, ER/Studio supports Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server and IBM DB2.

For more information, visit

.NET and COM: The Complete Interoperability Guide

Need to migrate your application suite to .NET? This book from Sams Publishing provides you with the complete guide to fully utilize your existing COM, COM+, and DCOM components.

Adam Nathan takes you through Platform Invocation Services, COM Interoperability, and the overlapping areas of these technologies. This gives you all you need to migrate .NET technology into your existing COM based applications. This book explains the techniques necessary to build .NET clients for your COM servers or COM clients for your .NET Services.

This is an invaluable resource for any developer working in the realm of COM Interoperability.