Copilots in Your Apps!

Applications without Copilots are now Legacy!

Microsoft's “Copilot” features are rapidly gaining popularity as an assisted computing user interface paradigm. We can assist you in integrating Copilots into your own applications and have them operate on your own data in a secure fashion!

Copilots combine various features tailored to your organization, including request understanding, knowledge grounding, and meaningful AI-driven responses. With our help, your application/system can perform tasks that would typically take hours, days, or more. Contact us to schedule a free hour of consultancy and explore how these paradigms can benefit your specific situation.

Copilots in Your Apps!

Microsoft has been adding “Copilot” features into every application and product, as this new user interface paradigm of assisted computing takes over faster than even the waves of GUI, Web, and Mobile ever did. However, Copilot features are not just for Microsoft! We can help you build Copilots into your own applications. Applications without Copilots are now legacy, as the productivity gains provided by this new approach simply can't be ignored by any organization that wants to remain competitive and relevant.

Copilots are a combination of a variety of features. The details are specific to each organization, but Copilots are usually comprised of a mechanism that understands requests and “grounds” them within your own organization's knowledge and data. A large language model (“ChatGPT”) is then used to turn the users request into a meaningful response based on that grounded information. Finally, a post-process runs that allows the AI to interact with the user and drive the application/system at the user's command to enable taking steps that would a human user often take hours, days, or even longer.

Blog Post: Copilot in Your Apps over Rectangular (SQL) Data

To learn more about the amazing capabilities Copilots can bring to your own apps, read Markus Egger's recent blog post on the topic and watch the video with a demo.

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We live in an age of extreme change. This is especially true for software projects. How do you keep up with this and make sure your organization is well positioned to compete tomorrow, next month, and for years to come?

The answer is an investment in your software future that includes experimental projects!

However, running bleeding-edge projects poses many challenges. Does your team have the right skills? Does it have a culture of operating experimental projects that nevertheless result in quick concrete results that can be moved into production? Or is it more likely that a team unexperienced in such projects will fail not because the technology or approach in question failed, but the team simply was ill-equipped to succeed in such a setup?

We can help you set up and run successful “skunk works” projects, similar to the ones we have done for our own organziation as well as our clients! Skunk Works projects can be small pilot projects that run for a few days or weeks, or they can be entire teams of people (potentially including yours and ours together) that operate continuously.

Business Document Copilot

Business Document Copilot

Using our technology and expertise, we can help you implement an AI-powered knowledgebase for your business documentation and institutional knowledge in a matter of days!

We utilize whatever you have in your knowledge-collection (whether that is PDFs in One Drive or Dropbox, HTML documents in a documentation system, markdown files on a drive, databases, and many other sources) and add Artificial Intelligence on top to enable natural language access and unlock the power often locked away in these documents.

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