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CODE hosts a variety of events, including CODE Magazine events, CODE Training events, CODE Presents webinars, and the State of .NET events. We also often partner with other organizations for presentations. Check out our upcoming events and sign up today and connect with us live in person!


CODE Consulting

We partner with our clients to produce custom software solutions to meet their business needs. Whether it’s modernizing and enhancing an existing legacy application or creating a new solution to solve a particular business problem, CODE Consulting is your trusted “go to“ source for technical expertise and results!

Ball and Chain

Modernizing Legacy Apps

Your aging software is putting your organization at risk and providing an opportunity for your competition to gain a competitive edge. Our experienced team of technologists, software developers, project managers and supporting staff are ready to help modernize your organization’s aging software applications to take advantage of today’s technologies and to meet the needs of your users and customers.

CODE Staffing Gang

CODE Staffing

We provide professional, directly managed software developers located in the USA, Europe, South America or Australia to augment your software development team. With CODE Staffing, you not only get the extra resources you need, but you also have the entire CODE team of professionals available for answers to your most pressing questions.

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