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We currently have the following classes scheduled. The abstracts can be found below the class listing:

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CODE Presents: Improving String Handling Performance in C#


8/31/2022 Free! Live Event (can be attended on-site) Can be attended Online/Remote Video Taped and available to attendees as a recording later Sign Up

CODE Presents: The CODE Lisperer’s Guide to .NET Integration with Microsoft 365


9/14/2022 Free! Live Event (can be attended on-site) Can be attended Online/Remote Video Taped and available to attendees as a recording later Sign Up

State of .NET - State of AI and Machine Learning


9/28/2022 Free! Live Event (can be attended on-site) Can be attended Online/Remote Video Taped and available to attendees as a recording later Sign Up

Building Modern Desktop Applications with .NET


Live Event (can be attended on-site) Can be attended Online/Remote Video Taped and available to attendees as a recording later Post-Event Mentoring available This event is also available as a custom training class that can be delivered on-site, at your location This event is available to be customized and personalized Sign Up

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Abstracts for Scheduled Classes:

CODE Presents: Improving String Handling Performance in C#

Wednesday, August 31, 2022 - Only 14 days to go!

A string is an immutable type, which means that once you have created a string object, you cannot change it in any way. When you change or modify a string object, a new instance is created. There are several ways to overcome this performance issue. This session talks about how strings are represented in the CLR memory, the performance challenges you would often encounter when working with strings and how to fix them in C#. The following points are covered: 1. Understanding the CLR A. How are strings represented in memory? B. Introduction to strings in C# C. Strings in C#: The performance pitfalls 2. Improving string handling performance A. Fast string allocations B. String interning C. Using StringBuilders D. Reducing allocations a. String.Create b. Span<T> c. Memory<T> 3. Benchmarking performance using BenchmarkDotNet 4. Conclusion

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CODE Presents: The CODE Lisperer’s Guide to .NET Integration with Microsoft 365

Wednesday, September 14, 2022 - Only 4 weeks to go!

There are many ways to integrate custom code into Microsoft Office/365, but none provide the raw power, code simplicity, developer reach, or rapid development benefits of combining a proper Lisp with the Common Language Runtime (CLR). In this webinar we will explore several examples of both Scheme and Clojure as proper Lisps powering Microsoft 365 from the inside-out—on top of the .NET runtime. Bob Calco, Chief Architect & Lead Developer at Apex Data Solutions, LLC, will give a sneak preview of features from the upcoming Professional Edition of Acceλerate for Microsoft 365, which will change how you think about “upsizing” and modernizing Office solutions to the cloud. ● Lambdas as reusable business objects in Excel formulas—and SQL functions! ● Database transparency vs the anti-pattern of storing data directly in Excel. ● Writing macros/syntax extensions to build DSLs for Office solutions. ● Office artifacts as portable, linked-data microservices to support data interoperability.

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State of .NET - State of AI and Machine Learning

Wednesday, September 28, 2022 - Only 6 weeks to go!

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is everywhere these days. While some developers are still wondering how their app could benefit from these technologies, it is more accurate to wonder which apps can't be made better with these types of features. This State of .NET event will take a look at what the latest and the greatest in Machine Learning is and how .NET developers can easily take advantage of it, without becoming mathematical geniuses or data scientists.

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Building Modern Desktop Applications with .NET


Thursday, September 29, 2022 - Only 6 weeks to go!

Windows Desktop Application Development is a surprisingly resilient topic. Time and time again, this topic resurfaces as the one our customers and readers express the most interest in, despite it having been declared "legacy" for years. Nothing could be further from the truth! And with .NET 6, modernizing existing Desktop applications has become more appealing than ever. "Project Reunion" unifies Windows Desktop Development from WinForms through WPF to WinUI. This 2-day training class teaches all the relevant skills and technologies. It starts with a brief introduction to the sate of Desktop Development and then dives into the various technologies, how to use them, and how to combine them with each other to build modern Desktop Applications. The class also takes a brief look at the future of Desktop Development, including cross-platform technologies, such as MAUI. However, the main focus of the class is current technologies and how to best utilize them. Previous experience with desktop development is beneficial (as is experience wiht C#) although not strictly required.

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The class yesterday with Markus was fantastic. It's so refreshing to hear people start from the point of view of the customer instead of drilled-down into what's become some awfully scary looking syntax. Markus makes complicated concepts clear--like lambda expressions. It's with a huge sense of relief that you all have created and made available the CODE Framework and your classes are really, really helpful. I can't thank you enough.

Nancy Folsom

Pixel Dust Industries

Thanks! Again, I just want to say that I thought it was a good training, and the trainers were able to keep me engaged in what they were discussing – even though I was remotely attending.

Steve Kaschimer

CSM, Architecture Specialist
The Dow Chemical Company

My current project has benefitted tremendously because I was able to bypass many hours of studying dry text to learn the same materials. The key benefit of the training is being able to review the video of the training at a later date.

Fletcher Johnson


Congratulations! This was one of the best code classes I've ever taken. Markus is extremely clear in presenting concepts and then implementing them in a comprehensible manner.

Cathy Schaeffer

Skadden, Arps, Slat, Meagher & Flom LLP

I found Markus to be an excellent presenter with informed observations and a good mix of code, slides, and examples.

Brian Federia

I attended your day-long JavaScript class a couple months back. I have now begun to write my first stumbling code. I wanted to feed back how helpful your session was, starting with your recommendation of the development environment of Notepad++ and Chrome console output. I would be lost without that tip!

Toby Atkinson


We have been playing around with the CODE framework in a small application the team here is putting together to help the field crews with their data entry tasks and it is coming around nicely. The simplicity of it, coupled with the solutions we were taught in the class we attended are paying off.

Miah Ebel

Open Range Applications, LLC