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We know that every situation is unique. Let us look at your specific needs and discuss the best course of action. We find that many of the projects we encounter are best approached with our standard 3-step process:

VFP Conversion Steps

3 Easy Steps:

  1. Analyze your existing VFP application with our FREE PJX Analyzer Tool
  2. Create a plan with our Vision and Scope Workshop
  3. Follow the plan to convert your existing application using your own in-house resources or with our help. We offer a full range of services from mentoring to insure your project is on track, to staff augmentation, to complete turn-key systems. Whatever you need for your project conversion, CODE Consulting can help.

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Visual FoxPro End of Life

In March 2007 Microsoft made the announcement that there would be no Visual FoxPro 10, and officially announced the "End of Life for FoxPro and Visual FoxPro". But what does that really mean for your business? Will your FoxPro app stop working? Is there an urgent reason to convert your applcation?

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Who We Are

We claim we are the world leading experts in converting and maintaining Visual FoxPro applications. How can we make such a bold claim?

Our team is was founded by some of the world's leading experts in Visual FoxPro, .NET, Mobile, and Web development. If you are active in the community, read articles or attend events, you are likely to have heard of names such as Markus Egger, Rick Strahl, Ken Levy, Rod Paddock and more. Many of our team members are guru-level Visual FoxPro and .NET developers. We have been part of the Microsoft Visual FoxPro and Visual Studio teams and have worked on Visual FoxPro itself. If you are using Visual FoxPro, you are probably already using something that was created, at least in part, by us.

We have significant experience with updating both FoxPro data and FoxPro code. We were the first company who offered this service, along with support tools, and have been helping companies with their software for over two decades. Don't outsource your project to a company you've never heard of, instead partner with people who started as part of the FoxPro community. We are a company you can trust, have excellent references, and real-world experience in conversion projects just like yours.

We understand your company's future depends on the success of this project!

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