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Should you be running your business on the cloud? The developers at CODE Consulting can help you to make the right decisions for your specific business needs.
Need help building applications for Windows? You have come to the right place. We have expertise in building rich Windows applications of any kind (with an emphasis on Windows Business Applications). Regardless of whether you need short-term help to solve a specific problem, a few experts to augment your team, or whether you need us to develop an entire application, from conception to marketplace deployment and every step in between, we have the right arrangement and the right expertise for any need.
HTML is the most widely available and deployed application platform today, spanning a wide range of technologies and standards. We perform most of our web development with ASP.NET (MVC and WebForms) and Ruby. CODE can help you with various aspects of any development project including HTML4/5, CSS, ASP.NET, JavaScript or jQuery, and more. CODE can even help you with the graphic design of your websites and apps. CODE Consulting has the expertise to train, mentor or write your complete web application.
Mobile Device Applications are rapidly gaining in importance and sophistication. Many applications that used to be desktop or Web-only are now available in mobile versions. Such applications may be stand-alone applications, but more often they are integrated with existing systems. We can help you to plan for and construct Mobile Apps. We can help you to extend your existing infrastructure to Mobile Apps. We can even help you with the graphic design of your Mobile Apps.

CODE Consulting develops for all major mobile platforms, including Apple's iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod), Google's Android, Microsoft's Windows Phone, and other platforms, such as WebOS, and more.
CODE Consulting has been involved in Microsoft's next generation presentation technologies since long before they were publically released. Whether you need mentoring, training or an entire application, CODE Consulting has the WPF (and Silverlight) experts to act as a mentor to your team or to write the application for you. We specialize in the productive development of reusable WPF user interfaces, a subject we have written about extensively, and we have taken the industry lead on.
We have the largest collection of senior .NET developers with Visual FoxPro backgrounds in the world. With multiple MVPs in BOTH VFP and C#, over 75 years combined experience in FoxPro programming, and even greater experience in .NET, EPS Software is the world's #1 resource for companies moving their applications from VFP to .NET.
Need a new application? Have an existing app that needs a face-lift? Or perhaps you have an existing app that needs to be rewritten using today's latest technologies? We will spend time at your office and then deliver a detailed document outlining your project, the path for a new application, how to avoid the major risks, and much more. We will provide our expertise and experience to advise you on technologies and architecture to use. We will help you to judge effort levels and project feasibility. This "workshop" results in a Vision & Scope document and other deliverables. This Vision & Scope provides a detailed road map for us, your team, or even another consulting firms, to use in order to begin work on your project in a structured and well thought out fashion.
The CODE Framework consists of various components and tools that help developers with common aspects of business application development, simplified SOA, WPF, data access, and much more. Our purpose for the CODE Framework is to enable productive, flexible, and highly maintainable business application development.

We offer custom training and mentoring for developers who would like to minimize the learning curve for the CODE Framework.
With the iOS, Apple single-handedly invented a new type of application platform that has gained incredible importance for both personal and business use. More and more business applications, both internal as well as externally sold products, add mobile iOS clients as stand-alone applications or as extensions to existing products.

We can help you to build iOS applications no matter whether you are building a new product, or want to add a mobile version to an existing application. We can help with applications of any size and handle engagements of any scale, no matter whether you just need a little bit of help or whether you need us to build the entire product from start to finish.
Google's Android operating system (for phones and slates) is the world's most widely used mobile OS and rapidly gaining in importance for off-the-shelf products as well as internal business applications, allowing users to gain access to their important data anywhere and any time.

We can help you to build Android applications no matter whether you are building a new product, or want to add a mobile version to an existing application. We can help with applications of any size and handle engagements of any scale, no matter whether you just need a little bit of help or whether you need us to build the entire product from conception to marketplace deployment and every step in between.
Constructing systems properly is the most important aspect of any software project. With the right architecture (and proper management), almost any problem can be compensated. If, on the other hand, the architecture is wrong, you have an extremely costly and time-intensive problem. We can help you to avoid these problems and reduce overall project risk, not just by sharing our own expertise, but also by letting you share in the experiences we have gathered through our CODE Magazine (authors and readers), CODE Training (trainers and attendees), events (speakers and attendees), RD, MVP, and other networks. This is a treasure trove of information you simply cannot get any other way. Can you think of anything else that could have positive impact of similar magnitude on your project?
There are a lot of choices to be made, a lot of lessons to be learned, and a lot of best practices to find and absorb. CODE Consulting not only explains how to implement your new project, but we help you understand why and when you should make the trade-off to do it a different way. We can work with your team to plan your project and guide you through the difficult parts.
Maintaining a Visual FoxPro application? Adding new features? We can help! We have the largest pool of experts (and even former MS VFP team members) for Visual FoxPro development, as well as related technologies, such as SQL Server.
ASP.NET is one of the world's most popular web development environments and one of our main web development tools. We have a long history of ASP.NET development (WebForms as well as MVC) and related technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaSCript, jQuery, and more. We can help you with web applications of any size and nature. Our services range from start-to-finish web application developments to small engagements where in we only supplement a team or play a mentoring role.
Whether you are upgrading or tuning an existing database or starting a brand new one from scratch, we have the experts on staff to help you with your SQL Server needs. Most of our SQL Server work is related to database development and tuning, but we also at times get called in for projects that are more on the admin-side, which we can help you with as well.
Does your team need help making your application look professional? We have experts that can help with both the look of your app as well as the functionality - whether it's a Windows, Web, Mobile, Slate/Tablet or Surface app. We have experience in GUI, NUI (Natural User Interfaces), interaction design and multi-touch applications. We can even help you with graphical design.
Is your project in trouble? We can help! CODE Consulting brings projects back from the brink of failure. With deep a knowledge process and business to go along with technical knowledge, we are skilled at finding problems and bottlenecks and implementing solutions to get your project back on track. We can't do magic, but most troubled projects are not beyond help. It is usually well worth to spend the time in a short meeting and perform a few hours worth of analysis, for a shot of getting your project back on track.
All software projects include risks and unknowns. Will new technology "X" really work as advertised? Will technique "Y" work well for our needs? Will device "Z" really be able to handle everything we expect it to? Will a planned solution to a known problem really solve everything, and will we be able to implement it as quickly as we hope? These are questions that need to be answered sooner rather than later as failures associated with them could spell disaster for any project. Prototypes and Proof of Concept projects are a good way to provide necessary answers. They are also a good way to start projects using small but significant steps.
Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) is the de-factor standard for .NET communication and service development, including (but not limited to) SOA (Service Oriented Architecture). We have a long history building such systems and very frequently pass that experience on to our customers and partners. In addition, we have developed a list of components (as part of our CODE Framework) that are specifically geared towards WCF and SOA development.
With a lengthy history of development and knowledge transfer in Microsoft Technologies, CODE Consulting, CODE Magazine and CODE Training are the world’s foremost experts in .NET development for Windows, Web and Mobile apps. We directly employ a staff of experts, and in addition, have the world’s largest network of contractors, through our authors, trainers, speakers, MVP and RD networks, not to mention direct connections into Microsoft. Our developers can help you with all of your .NET needs and, if required, provide access to the top experts in the technology - an ability unmatched by our competitors. Our direct involvement with Microsoft enables us to provide insight as well as foresight into the future, that is unparalleled in our industry.
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a great way to build applications that are more easily maintainable, more reusable, and can support the modern world of software development that supports many different platforms, user interfaces, and devices. SOA also reduces complexity of projects.
We can help you with SOA projects of any kind, providing architecture, know-how, manpower, and even framework components that make it easier to develop SOA-based systems of any size.