Visual FoxPro Development

Visual FoxPro Development

Visual FoxPro (and even older versions, such as FoxPro for Windows, FoxPro DOS, and even FoxBase) are still widely in use in companies of all sizes and industries. Many of those applications have been replaced over time, but many still continue operating and need to be maintained and improved.

We can help you with all these scenarios by providing FoxPro services in a variety of ways to fit every need, from hourly charged consulting engagements, to blocks of hours at a reduced rate and sometimes even fixed-price projects. We can handle engagements of any size, starting with short consultancies that are only a few hours long, all the way up to multi-year projects with large teams. Our involvement in projects varies. Often we provide only a single resource to augment an existing team and provide some additional expertise or man-power, but equally as often, we provide larger parts of the team, or even the entire team, including management.

Note: This particular service involves FoxPro work rather than the move to other technologies. If you are interested in converting a FoxPro application to another technology, such as .NET, please take a look at our VFP Conversion Services.

Our Expertise

We maintain a staff with a vast expertise in Visual FoxPro and related technologies such as SQL Server. Some of our experts are even former members of the Microsoft Visual FoxPro Team (including the former Microsoft Visual FoxPro Product Manager).

Note also that our expertise isn't just in FoxPro, but of course other technologies as well, including SQL Server, .NET, and Mobile Application Development.

Common Technologies

Of course FoxPro at it's core is a soup-to-nuts environment and may be the only technology needed to build an entire application. In other scenarios, additional technologies are needed. For a list of technologies that might apply to a FoxPro project in addition to FoxPro itself, see the “Related Services” section. Here is a short list of the most common technologies related to FoxPro projects we can help you with:

Hiring Us for FoxPro Work

Most of our FoxPro work starts in one of two typical ways:

  1. The customer has a very well defined need and approaches us about it with specific ideas as to what work needs to be done and how. In that case, we simply go through a short discussion of these needs, often review existing documents or code, and then detirmine the best person (or people) for the job and start work under a time & materials, or hourly-block agreement.
  2. We start with a Vision & Scope Workshop to determine overall goals of the project, the size of the effort, and best approach. Based on the findings of this process, we decide on next steps together with the customer. Often that may be a Proof of Concept or Prototype phase that subsequently moves into additional work. Depending on the customer's exact needs, we determine a suitable agreement.

Project Lifecycle and Development Approach

FoxPro projects vary greatly in size, nature, and complexity and thus the development and project management approach has to be customized accordingly. We work with our customers to decide on the best possible approach that matches the customer’s need and incorporates our resources at the desired level, whether that is a small supporting role or the other end of the spectrum, which has us manage and handle most of the project. In many cases, we do not use our own approach but integrate with a customer’s existing process.

Many FoxPro projects utilize some variation of an Agile methodology.

Purchase Options

FoxPro projects come in all shapes and sizes, and the most appropriate business arrangements for such projects needs to be determined on a case-by-case basis together with the customer. In many cases, FoxPro projects are set up as time-and-materials projects billed on an hourly basis (either on an ongoing schedule, through service agreements, or as pre-paid hourly blocks). Sometimes, FoxPro projects can be built on a fixed-price basis, but due to the complexity and size of such projects, this is only possible under specific pre-conditions and specific scenarios, and is not very common for FoxPro projects.

More Information

Purchasing Our Services

We offer our services in a variety of ways to meet every possible need. Options range from time and materials setups, to hourly blocks and monthly service contracts, and sometimes even fixed price setups (especially for mobile "apps"). Contact us for more information and for a Schedule of Fees.

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Related Services

Need a new application? Have an existing app that needs a face-lift? Or perhaps you have an existing app that needs to be rewritten using today's latest technologies? We will spend time at your office and then deliver a detailed document outlining your project, the path for a new application, how to avoid the major risks, and much more. We will provide our expertise and experience to advise you on technologies and architecture to use. We will help you to judge effort levels and project feasibility. This "workshop" results in a Vision & Scope document and other deliverables. This Vision & Scope provides a detailed road map for us, your team, or even another consulting firms, to use in order to begin work on your project in a structured and well thought out fashion.
We have the largest collection of senior .NET developers with Visual FoxPro backgrounds in the world. With multiple MVPs in BOTH VFP and C#, over 75 years combined experience in FoxPro programming, and even greater experience in .NET, EPS Software is the world's #1 resource for companies moving their applications from VFP to .NET.
There are a lot of choices to be made, a lot of lessons to be learned, and a lot of best practices to find and absorb. CODE Consulting not only explains how to implement your new project, but we help you understand why and when you should make the trade-off to do it a different way. We can work with your team to plan your project and guide you through the difficult parts.