Business Document Copilot

Using our technology and expertise, we can help you implement an AI-powered knowledgebase for your business documentation and institutional knowledge in a matter of days!

We utilize whatever you have in your knowledge-collection (whether that is PDFs in One Drive or Dropbox, HTML documents in a documentation system, markdown files on a drive, databases, and many other sources) and add Artificial Intelligence on top to enable natural language access and unlock the power often locked away in these documents.

Unlock the Treasure-Trove of your Institutional Knowledge!

Empower your business with our cutting-edge technology and unparalleled expertise, enabling you to swiftly implement an AI-powered knowledgebase for your valuable business documentation and institutional knowledge. Leveraging our state-of-the-art solution, we seamlessly integrate diverse knowledge sources, including PDFs in OneDrive or Dropbox, HTML documents in documentation systems, markdown files, databases, and more. With the added layer of Artificial Intelligence, we unlock the true potential hidden within these documents, facilitating effortless natural language access.

Our advanced AI technology utilizes powerful natural language processing capabilities, providing an intuitive interface for users to effortlessly search, retrieve, and comprehend information within the knowledgebase. Say goodbye to tedious manual searches and embrace the efficiency of AI-driven knowledge discovery.

Tired of answering the same HR questions or the same business process questions over and over again? Simply let an AI handle these mundane tasks!

Get in touch with us today to embark on a swift journey towards an intelligent knowledgebase tailored to your unique business requirements.


A Copilot for Your Documents

Artificial Intelligence is used for a lot of things, but one question always seems to be the first in each company's journai into Generative AI:

"How can I create an AI that answers questions found in my documents and data, so I do not have to keep answering the same question time and time again?".

We have the answer: Our technology enables you to add “Copilot-style” Generative AI over your existing documents. The solution is individualized, but based on our standard technology, and can usually be implemented in a matter of days, whether it is for internal use or customer-facing. This can be done as an exploratory pilot-project, or as a production ready implementation. Either way, it often serves as the starting point for futher endeavors into the new world of AI and the Age of Copilot!


A Secure Approach

We understand the importance of safeguarding your sensitive data. Our robust security measures ensure the utmost protection for your valuable information stored in the knowledgebase. Granular access control enables you to restrict document or section access based on user roles and permissions, providing you with complete peace of mind. This is in stark contrast to many other systems that simply let Large Language Models (LLMs) access all your data unrestricted, or potentially even sharing it with the outside world.

Your data and knowledge remains yours!


A Simple, Fast, and Predictable Solution

Keeping pace with your evolving business needs, our system seamlessly handles updates and changes in the source documents. It diligently detects and reflects the latest modifications, guaranteeing that your knowledgebase is always up-to-date and accurate.

Unlock the power of your institutional knowledge with our user-friendly interface, enabling your team to effortlessly tap into a wealth of information. Experience the transformative impact of AI-powered knowledge access, accelerating your business growth and efficiency.

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