Cloud Computing

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Cloud Computing forms the Backbone of Modern Software Systems

Cloud computing has become the de-facto standard for current and next-generation software systems. There are several large cloud providers that lead the way. Especially Microsoft, Amazon, and - to a somewhat lesser extent - Google. For enterprise and business sceanarios, systems often use a range of different clouds, as well as more traditional “on-premise” or “edge computing” environments, that combine modern Cloud scenarios with more traditional private data centers and “server rooms”.

The challenges businesses face when implementing Cloud Computing range from infrastructure challenges (such as “how do I transfer my data”), to security questions ("is my data still mine and secure?"), and developer skill challenges ("how do I develop a cloud-native system?").

CODE Consulting can help you with all these scenarios.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly becoming a crucial technology for developers and businesses to stay competitive in the current digital age. With AI, developers can automate mundane and repetitive tasks, freeing up time to focus on more complex and creative problem-solving. Additionally, businesses can use AI to analyze large amounts of data, gain insights into customer behavior, and make more informed decisions. The benefits of AI extend beyond efficiency and productivity, as it also enables businesses to create more personalized experiences for their customers. In order to succeed in the future, it is essential for developers and businesses to embrace the transformative power of AI and integrate it into their operations.

Microsoft Azure Cloud

Microsoft Azure Cloud

Should you be running your business on the cloud? The developers at CODE Consulting can help you to make the right decisions for your specific business needs.

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