WROX� flight 101 hits the rocks…

...but the passengers are saved! In the wake of the WROX acquisition by Wiley, Apress� has announced they have acquired over 300 former WROX titles. With the WROX brand, Web site (www.wrox.com) and best selling titles already belonging to Wiley, the fate of many WROX titles has been up in the air. WROX has been consistent in expressing the support of their programmer to programmer philosophy by the new publishing team. Apress is confident that the new titles will add great value to their vision of for professionals by professionals.


Become a tracker!

With Comprehensive VB .NET Debugging, by Mark Pearce, learn to take advantage of the new debugging environment in Visual Basic .NET and become an expert bug tracker. Comprehensive VB .NET Debugging covers basic debugging strategy in addition to covering the tools provided with the .NET Framework and Visual Studio .NET. Mark covers debugging in all VB .NET applications, from the Web to the console. Moving from the base application, the book covers SQL debugging, debugging in multithreaded or distributed environments, and many other topics.

Speed up your .NET applications

.NET Multithreading by Alan Dennis.

Multithreading adds great performance possibilities to your application, but it comes with an increase in code complexity. .NET Multithreading is a great tool if you're new to multithreading, and it's a good shelf reference if you've already got multithreading experience. This book completely covers multithreading from initial design considerations, to handling errors, to protecting against data corruption. This is a good choice for the simple learner or the active coder speeding up real world applications.

ADO.NET in a Nutshell

by Bill Hamilton and Matthew MacDonald

Every application needs data, and when you need data you need ADO. O'Reilly� continues their ‘in a Nutshell’ line with this title by Bill Hamilton and Matthew MacDonald. ADO.NET in a Nutshell is a complete reference for ADO.NET and more, providing a solid tutorial on the core ADO.NET classes. Learn to retrieve, manipulate, and store data quickly and simply with ADO.NET in a Nutshell.

Reduce development time with CodeEngine

CodeEngine is an advanced Model Driven Architecture tool from Cogenisys Inc., providing code generation for the .NET framework. Using UML models from Rational Rose and Visio, it can generate up to 80% of the code for your applications, whether they are written in J2EE or many of the .NET languages. CodeEngine takes the tedious work out of coding by easily transforming your application models into working enterprise software.


Need an HTML editor in your app?

With just two lines of code, add a fully functional WYSIWYG, rich-text content editor supporting bold, italic, bullets, styles, font formatting, tables, image insertion, as well as upload, color picker, hyperlinks, and more. RichTextBox� is a server control that is highly functional and simple to use. The control can be used in drag-and-drop environments such as Visual Studio .NET or Web Matrix while it continues to be simple for the hand coder. Users will have a simple learning curve as RichTextBox� provides an Outlook�/Word�-style interface.