Take your Java on the road

Java Development on PDAs: Building applications for Pocket PC and Palm Devices

by Daryl Wilding-McBride

Using Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) and the compact version of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), Java has been opened to the rapidly expanding PDA market. Covering topics like J2ME configurations, CLDC, and CDC profiles, the J2ME wireless toolkit, designing for constrained computational capability and constrained screen and memory size and many more, Java developers will be able to take their applications off the desktop. Use Java Development on PDAs to create the ultimate remote client application.

SQL Server´┐Ż 2000 Stored Procedure & XML Programming, Second Edition

by Dejan Sunderic

Developers often wear both the software developer and database developer hats. This book gives developers of all levels full coverage of stored procedure programming, enabling your modular coding practices to be maintained in the database as well. Now in the second edition, learn the latest features of XML for SQL Web Releases?XML BulkLoad, UpdateGrams, DiffGrams, SOAP, Web services, XML views, and OPENXML. Included are a sample database and an end-to-end solution for a Web search engine to take the theoretical right into the practical. Dejan covers the included MS SQL tools, as well as the new tools provided in Visual Studio .NET.

Make the VB6 to VB .NET transition easily

Visual Basic Programmer's Guide to the .NET Framework Class Library by Lars Powers and Mike Snell.

Lars and Mike bring their years of programming experience together in this work to help developers with understanding the evolution of .NET and VB .NET and its relation to VB6. Intended for the intermediate to advanced developer, this guide helps VB6 coders transition their projects to .NET and learn how to adjust coding practices to the .NET world.

Not a VB6 programmer? Each chapter focuses on a namespace, resulting in one of the most comprehensive sources on the .NET Framework Class Library, providing great value to all readers.

Enterprise portal, end to end

Passage Portal 3.0 from Cubic Compass Software, provides an end-to-end, enterprise-level portal product to build your intranet, extranet, or operations support portal. Built on the Microsoft .NET Framework, the Cubic Compass Passage Portal Application Server provides security, personalization, content management, aggregation, collaboration, and categorization for a variety of enterprise applications. Using XML-based configuration, this portal is fully extensible, customizable, and easily upgradeable while maintaining backwards compatibility. Passage Portal uses asynchronous, multi-threaded, parallel Web Part rendering to provide the best possible response time, which greatly improves performance.


Stress test your .NET Web application with ANTS

Don't let performance problems sneak up on you. Predict your Web application's behavior under heavy multi user loads, using ANTS Load, from Red-Gate Software. Particularly suited for testing Microsoft technologies such as ASP and ASP.NET, ANTS Load is also the first product to be designed to test .NET XML Web services. Predict business impact using abandonment prediction and frustration coefficient. Simultaneously test site performance (through time to first byte, time to last byte, time to connect) and server performance (over 2,000 performance counters) under high stress loads. ANTS Load will help you to identify system break points for initial deployment and system growth planning.

Other ANTS products are also available for other environments. Visit www.red-gate.com for more options.

Automated security testing for .NET

The increased flexibility of .NET security brings increased testing complexity. CAS/Tester from Desaware provides developers an automated testing solution to meet the needs of every scenario. Testing scripts are written in C# or VB .NET, so you don't need to learn a new language. CAS/Tester performs over 80 tests right out of the box that run directly against both executables and DLLs. Testing can even be extended to cover unmanaged code interaction with managed assemblies.

For more information and other automation products from Desaware, visit www.desaware.com .