Since our last installment, the “CoDe on the Road” crew racked up some serious frequent flier miles hitting .NET User Groups and Code Camps across the country and all the way to Munich, Germany while bringing plenty of CoDe Magazines to some very receptive gatherings. Closer to home, CoDey and CoDeMander found friendly faces and brilliant minds at Austin’s South by Southwest Interactive Conference. As always we look forward to hearing about our friends in the User Group and Code Camp communities through pictures and details. We’ll post the best pictures here in future “CoDe on the Road” installments. The most creative or clever use of CoDe Magazine somewhere in your picture scores big points and the “top dog” will receive a CoDey of their own to give away at a future meeting. We also encourage people to send information on upcoming events for our “CoDe on the Road” on-line companion to help you spread the word about your group or event! Remember to send pics for review and publication to with minimum 300dpi in TIFF or JPEG formats.

Figure 1: The 3rd Annual South Florida Code Camp raises some serious issues…of CoDe Magazine! Our “Top Dog” Winner for May/June!
Figure 2: CoDeMander’s “mini-me” demonstrates CoDe Magazine’s next-generation on-line digital reader.
Figure 3: CoDe Magazine…The “Must-Read” @ VSOne Munich.
Figure 4: CodeMander cannot resist getting in the picture with a couple of dedicated readers @ SXSW Interactive!

Note: CoDe Magazine reserves the right to republish, edit (for size and usability) all pictures submitted to “CoDe on the Road” without exception. Include your full name with the photo along with your shipping address.