CODE Presents: Making VS Code Your Own

Presenter: John Petersen

This event took place on Wednesday, April 13, 2022.

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VS Code is a wonderful code editing space because it’s simple and extensible. If you’ve been wanting for a more simplistic and minimalistic approach to development, VS Code is worthy of your review. We can choose what we want, change what we want, and leave unused and unnecessary features behind.

If you’re looking for a simpler, more minimalistic dev, test, and build experience that puts less between you and your application’s artifacts, this webinar will take you through one developer’s journey of how he configured VS Code with an optimal feature.

This isn’t a VS Code vs. Visual Studio nor is it suggested “Best practices” for your use cases. Instead, this webinar is about how one developer implements and continues to refine, as needed, his VS Code experience for his use cases. The webinar’s goal is that you’ll be able to take the essence of the approaches demonstrated to aid in your search for better, more productive ways to develop, test, and build code and thereby, make VS Code your own.