State of .NET - online (free event)

.NET 5 & .NET 6 Preview - with Markus Egger

Markus Egger

This event goes back to the roots and looks at the State of .NET. Literally. Where are we at with .NET 5 and what's on the horizon with .NET 6? What tools do we have? What are the leatest and greatest language features? What can .NET be used for?

This event took place on Wednesday, June 30, 2021.

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June 30, 2021 - Wednesday
Start time: 1:00pm Eastern (UTC-4) / 12:00pm Central
Duration: 75 minutes (60 minute presentation, 15 minute Q&A)

We've created a series of State of .NET online events each focusing on a specific .NET topic. This installment returns to the roots and looks at .NET itself. Where are we at with .NET 5? What is on the horizon for .NET 6? What about the classic .NET Framework (4.x)? What tools and IDEs do we have? What is the latest with the languages? What new SDKs and APIs should you be aware of? What kinds of things can you build with .NET? Windows, Web, Services, Mobile. There is so much to talk about and explore in the incredibly fast growing world of .NET, and Markus Egger will explore it all with you in this session, which he views as “purest of the State of .NET presentations”.

Note: Only registered attendees will receive the live stream URL the morning of the event via email.