State of .NET - Houston (free event)

State of .NET Tour with Markus Egger - Houston 2023

Markus Egger

Back as a live event: For the first time since the pandemic, we are holding an in-person State of .NET event. FREE and UNBIASED information about the latest and greatest in software development! A lot has changed. AI is in the news daily. .NET 7 has been released and .NET 8 is on the horizon. Azure and other cloud offerings are maturing yet stll steadily gaining importance. In this event, we are going to look at all that and more. As always with State of .NET events, the goal is to provide information of value both for developers and decision makers alike. There will be code samples, but there will also be high level discussions and information.

This event took place on Wednesday, April 26, 2023.

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State of .NET 2023 Spring.pdf

When: April 26, 2023
12:00pm - 1:00pm: Attendee check in and free lunch!
1:00pm - 4:00pm: State of .NET Presentation
Where: ONSITE ONLY! Microsoft Offices, 750 Town and Country Blvd #1000, Houston, TX 77024

Presenter: Markus Egger

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A FREE, unbiased look at the state of current and future software development in AI, Azure, .NET and related technologies.

The industry is in a state of flux. What does that mean for your software projects today and tomorrow? Will your skills be outdated? Will your current investment become obsolete? What should you focus on right now? And what will become important a year or two down the road? What technologies do you need to learn? So many questions! And there are Microsoft specific questions as well. Is Aritifical Intelligence (AI) important for your business? (Spoiler: Most likely yes!) Should you be considering .NET 7 or even .NET 8? What are the latest .NET features? Should you be considering using Blazor or Maui on your next project? What are Microsoft's announced plans for .NET going forward? Which Cloud services should you consider? You need answers!

Join Markus Egger, Microsoft Regional Director (RD) and former Microsoft Valued Professional (MVP), for an afternoon of valuable free information. CODE is in a unique position to share information based on real world experience in projects that are either our own or one of the many projects we get to see in our role as software developers, mentors, trainers and consultants, as well as feedback we receive from CODE Magazine readers. This is NOT marketing hype! We will tell you which technologies you should invest time and money in, and which ones to avoid.

This event is designed for developers as well as IT decision makers. Specific prior knowledge is not required. Attendees of this event will come away with a clear understanding of which technologies to use for various technical challenges.

Topics Include:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI), how to use it, and how to develop it for your own apps
  • Cloud Development with Microsoft Azure (including a look at various individual Azure offerings)
  • What’s new and useful in the world of .NET?
  • What’s .NET’s role (and Microsoft’s role) in a modern world of development?
  • Visual Studio & Visual Studio Code
  • and more!

Attendees of this event will come away with a clear understanding of which technologies to use for various technical challenges. Questions? Please e-mail or call 832-717-4445 x013.

Note: This event is co-hosted by CODE Magazine, EPS Software Corp., X42 Global Stafing Corporation, and Microsoft Corporation. CODE is responsible for all content presented at this event.