Software Developer Recruiter

EPS Software Corp / CODE Consulting is currently accepting resumes for a part-time or contract Software Developer Recruiter to build our network of qualified Software Developers. Candidates will correspond directly with applicants, match applicants with open positions, and administer pre-employment technical tests.

Skills (not all are necessarily required):

  • Technical background and knowledge of the software development process and terms
  • Expert in using various social networks for recruiting and networking purposes
  • Familiarity with Microsoft .NET development terminology - Desktop, Web, and Mobile applications
  • Familiarity with HTML5/CSS/JavaScript development terminology
  • Familiarity with Apple iOS development terminology
  • Familiarity with Google Android development terminology
  • Solid communication and writing skills
  • Experience in evaluating candidates for technical positions
  • Excellent computer skills (Microsoft Office - Outlook, Word, Excel)
  • Interested in attending live events, such as conferences, trade shows, and user groups
  • Interested in working with customers in addition to applicant to match applicants to available positions
  • Self-sufficient and able to work independently
  • Very task-oriented and organized
  • Sales and marketing experience helpful
  • A Business or Technical degree with 2+ years practical experience preferred

Our employees receive a competitive compensation package including medical benefits, retirement plan (with generous match), life insurance, long and short term disability, vacation, sick and holiday pay, casual atmosphere and more.

Applicant Information:

Software Developer Recruiter



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