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New CODE Framework Release Now Available

Houston, TX – January 22, 2015… EPS Software Corp., CODE, and Markus Egger Inc. are proud to announce a new CODE Framework release.

We are proud to announce the availability of a new CODE Framework build. This release is one of the biggest upgrades in recent months and includes improvements and new features spanning a variety of areas. The biggest of which is a significant upgrade to the service infrastructure. New service features fall under two major categories: 1) improvements in service hosting (in particular related to REST and WebApi), and 2) improvements to the service development toolset.

CODE Framework has always been able to host services in a variety of ways, including self-hosted WCF services, ASP.NET hosted services, and more. CODE Framework services have also always been REST accessible. However, such services followed a specific pattern. Not so in the new version! It is now possible to completely hand-craft the REST API of any CODE Framework service, enabling complete customization of URL patterns, workload, and utilized HTTP Verbs. CODE Framework now provides complete freedom to REST developers, allowing the utilization of any and all REST patterns desired. Nevertheless, all such services also remain accessible as SOAP-based services of various formats and hosting options without any limitations, thus continuing CODE Framework’s core paradigm of creating services completely independent of hosting decisions.

CODE Framework now also supports hosting services using ASP.NET WebApi. As all Web Api services, these services are exposed as REST/JSON services. Hosting any CODE Framework service in Web Api only requires a single line of code. However, it is important to realize that Web Api hosted CODE Framework services can still be used in other hosting environments and with standards other than REST. Also, the same hosting paradigm will allow hosting services in “ASP.NET vNext” (the next version of ASP.NET), thus avoiding the current problem with Web Api-only services, which run the danger of being outdated in vNext.

In addition to the new hosting features, this version of CODE Framework also features an overhauled toolset for service development, including a vastly improved version of the CODE Framework Service Test Harness. This tool now supports testing services with very complex input and output messages (including binary content and more). The tool also allows editing these messages in a variety of ways (visual UI, JSON, XML) and messages can be stored and loaded quickly in a variety of ways, making ad-hoc service testing much more straightforward. Also, the UI has received a visual overhaul to make it easier to work with large lists of complex services hosted in a variety of ways.

Other features including in this release are upgrades to existing components, such as improvements to the WPF UI features and improvements to some core features such as new helper objects and more.

About CODE Framework
The CODE Framework is a free and open source development framework from Markus Egger (18-time Microsoft MVP and RD) and CODE Magazine. It consists of various components and tools that help developers with common aspects of business application development, such as simplified SOA development with various clients, WPF development, data access, etc. The main focus of this framework is to enable productive, flexible, and highly maintainable business application development. The CODE Framework is the perfect way to architect business applications to be stable for future technologies (e.g. Windows 8).

About CODE Magazine and EPS Software
Founded in 1993 by Markus Egger, EPS Software Corp, has become the world’s premier provider in high-tech consulting and customer software services. The staff and contractor network at EPS Software are industry renowned experts; and have earned and maintained more Microsoft MVP Awards than any other company. Markus Egger, founder and president of EPS/ CODE, is the Microsoft Regional Director (RD) for the US Gulf Coast Region. EPS Software also publishes CODE Magazine (the Leading Independent Developer Publication). CODE Magazines’ focus is technologies such as .NET, Visual Studio, JavaScript, IOS, and Android Development. In addition, CODE Magazine owns CODE Consulting, CODE Training, and other CODE divisions.

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