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EPS Software Featured in a Microsoft Video Case Study

Houston, Texas – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – April 14, 2009. EPS Software Corp., a Spring, Texas based software development and consulting firm, and Microsoft Corp., today announced the release of a case study conducted by Microsoft Corp. on EPS Software.

“EPS Software is the creator and publisher of CODE Magazine, the leading independent publication for developers using the Microsoft .NET Framework. Seeking to boost the magazine’s appeal to readers, EPS Software decided to enhance the online version of the publication to provide a more compelling user experience. With the help of Microsoft technologies for rich-media development, EPS Software not only produced a more innovative and creative version of the magazine, but also released Xiine, a highly scalable and extensible platform for digital reading and publishing.” reads the case study “With Xiine, EPS Software is positioned to reach more customers, and with the Microsoft technologies and the software-plus-services model, the company can do so in a rapid and efficient fashion.”

Markus Egger, Industry renowned expert, author, speaker, Microsoft MVP, President of EPS Software Corp., and Publisher of CODE Magazine, and Mike Yeager, Manager and Senior Software Developer of EPS Software, designed a system for accessing CODE Magazine content via a broad range of devices, including: desktop PC’s, mobile, web, and Surface.

“Thanks to the open and extensible model of Visual Studio 2008 and its productivity features, we can make the product do exactly what we want,” Yeager says. “If you’re developing an application for Microsoft Surface, Visual Studio 2008 becomes a Microsoft Surface application development tool. On an application for Windows Mobile, it becomes an application development tool for Windows Mobile, and so on. It’s the world’s best development environment.”

What’s next for EPS Software and Xiine? According to Egger, the possibilities are vast, considering that Xiine is an open platform that anyone in the publishing community can use for publishing and distributing rich content, free or paid, in a simple fashion. For example, he points to bookstores that are now opening coffee shops onsite, where customers can sit and browse through books they are thinking of buying, and suggests a comparable scenario. Using Xiine and Microsoft Surface, EPS Software will offer solutions that can “bring the bookstore into the coffee shop,” where customers can use Microsoft Surface units built into tables to browse what’s available at a local bookstore, and then make their purchase online. Later, the customers can access the same content in Xiine from their smartphone or another mobile device.

For Yeager, Microsoft technologies are making a difference even when EPS Software developers are targeting a Xiine application for a more traditional device, like a desktop computer. “Using these Microsoft technologies, our developers can tackle new ideas and challenges with tools they already know,” he says. “We’re doing things we couldn't do before and building products we couldn’t build before, and the way people are adopting our products is phenomenal.”

For more information on the case study conducted by Microsoft please visit, or contact EPS Software at, or 832-717-4445 x 32.

About EPS:
Houston-based EPS is one of the most highly regarded custom software development companies in the world. Microsoft Certified Partner and publisher of CoDe Magazine, EPS employs highly respected senior developers who are known to their peers for their level of technical excellence, and for being speakers, authors, recipients of numerous honors, awards and technical certifications. EPS has developed world-class software for QUALCOMM, Philip Morris, the Dow Corning Trust and many other leading firms, and specializes in .NET-based development and VFP to .NET conversions. Since 1994, EPS has acquired the reputation of the “developer’s developer” – the trusted source of object oriented programming innovations. To learn more about EPS Software Corp. or CoDe Magazine visit and

About CoDe Magazine:
CoDe Magazine is the leading independent .NET developer publication. Each bi-monthly issue of CoDe Magazine contains detailed explanations of Visual Studio .NET and the .NET Framework, as well as other new Microsoft technologies and developer tools. CoDe is also the proud partner and sponsor for various developer events ranging from local user groups, all the way to major developer conferences such as Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (PDF) and Microsoft TechEd. Code is written by real-life developers who actually use the tools they write about, CoDe is a “must-have” reference for serious .NET and database developers.

About State of .NET:
EPS has been holding free State of .NET events over the last 5 years in the state of Texas. Starting in early 2009, EPS will extend State of .NET to other states and cities in the US, Canada, Europe, and South America. The State of .NET events provide an opportunity for software developers and IT decision makers to get an unbiased overview of current Microsoft/.NET/Windows/Web technologies from EPS, the company that owns CoDe Magazine,, and other renowned efforts. All of the State of .NET events are presented by renowned industry expert Markus Egger (President and CSA of EPS Software Corp., and Publisher of CoDe Magazine), many exclusively so.

About Markus Egger:
Markus is an international speaker, having presented sessions at numerous conferences in North & South America and Europe. Markus has written many articles for publications including CoDe Magazine, Visual Studio Magazine, MSDN Brazil, Pro, FoxPro Advisor, Fuchs, FoxTalk and Microsoft Office & Database Journal. Markus is the publisher of CoDe Magazine. Markus is also the President and Chief Software Architect of EPS Software Corp., a custom software development and consulting firm located Houston, Texas. He specializes in consulting for object-oriented development, Internet development, B2B, and Web Services. EPS does most of its development using Microsoft Visual Studio (.NET). EPS has worked on software projects for Fortune 500 companies including Philip Morris, Qualcomm, Shell, and Microsoft. Markus has also worked as a contractor on the Microsoft Visual Studio team, where he was mostly responsible for object modeling and other object- and component-related technologies. Markus received the Microsoft MVP Award (1996-2009) for his contributions to the developer community. Visual LandPro, one of the applications Markus was responsible for, was nominated three times in the Microsoft Excellence Awards.