Press Release

Nov. 6, 2023—The CODE Group, which provides IT consulting, training, staffing, and publishes CODE Magazine, and CODE Staffing Corp, its IT contingent staffing arm, have launched CODE Staffing magazine to inform companies and potential customers about all aspects of IT staffing,

“The CODE Group has been providing value to clients for nearly 30 years through CODE Consulting, CODE Training, and CODE Magazine,” said CODE Staffing Chief Executive Officer Yair Griver. “Our most recent endeavor, CODE Staffing, reimagines how contingent staffing should work in the modern age. We believe adding CODE Staffing magazine to our mix is an excellent way to keep the industry up to date on cutting edge staffing trends and changes – from recruiting, interviewing, and hiring to management and benefits.”

Griver notes that contingent staff in the United States is too often handled by companies that hire technical staff as contractors and provide little value beyond an annual 1099, forcing the contractors to handle their own healthcare benefits, social security, and career trajectory. At the same time, many companies compete for the best developers and IT professionals through the benefits, training and other growth opportunities they offer. This results in a bifurcation in types of people at a company – the haves and the have nots. CODE Staffing believes that staffing companies of the future will compete for and hire the best people by focusing on the total experience: streamlined hiring, excellent healthcare and retirement benefits, hiring workers as full time W2 employees with profit sharing or employee ownership opportunities, in addition to providing continued education and other career-growth options. “This will also have the benefit of providing great, continually improving staff for clients who need staff augmentation,” Griver said. The first issue of CODE Staffing magazine will ship the week of Nov. 6 to more than 250,000 subscribers to CODE Magazine. The periodic print publication will also be available with CODE Magazine at Barnes & Noble bookstores. A digital version will be available through the CODE Magazine app and the Libby app connected to public libraries.
“This magazine is all about the current state and future of IT staffing,” Griver said. “Every HR manager, chief information officer, chief technology officer, and chief executive officer should read it to stay ahead of staffing needs.”

Readers of the first issue of CODE Staffing magazine can look forward to a slew of articles including:

  • Using innovative recruiting, artificial intelligence, and data-driven technologies to boost recruitment efforts by Theresia Intag of IntagHire. Some of the ideas can take hiring managers beyond the same LinkedIn/Indeed/Monster groupings of candidates that everyone uses.
  • Once likely candidates are found, they must be interviewed to find the best employee. With technology, that means understanding a candidate’s core knowledge, their ability to solve problems, and their deep understanding of various techniques for approaching issues that occur. Karat’s Jason Wodicka writes in “Foundational Software Engineering Skills Still Reign Supreme in Age of AI,” that it is not necessarily the knowledge of specific development languages that is important (especially when hiring more experienced people), it is identifying people who have good problem-solving skills. Great developers can learn new programming languages fairly quickly. AI can help recruiters create better test scenarios for potential candidates. Wodicka also suggests that some candidates may try to use AI to solve technical test questions in an interview, so employers should ask candidates to explain their responses.
  • Allison DePaoli of Altiqe, in “Employee Benefits as a Competitive Lever,” writes about a wholistic approach to benefits to compensate and retain top-performing employees.

CODE Staffing is the IT contingent staffing arm of Houston-based The CODE Group, which was established in 1993 by Markus Egger and has grown its service offerings from publishing and distributing one of the longest-running, global software magazines (CODE Magazine), to completing multi-million-dollar projects with its CODE Consulting and CODE Training. CODE Staffing provides professional software developers at a client’s workplace or remotely to augment their software development team and help staff projects of any size. Learn more at