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Houston, TX – March 26th 2012… 17 time Microsoft MVP award winner Markus Egger will be speaking at DevConnections in Las Vegas, NV on March 29th. Markus will be giving two presentations where he will detail in which software technologies companies should invest. The main focus is The Road to Windows 8

Markus Egger, owner of EPS Software and CODE Magazine, is the software community’s leader of Windows 8 information outside of Microsoft. Markus is also an international author, publisher of CODE Magazine, and co-host of CodeCast. His community involvement is exemplified by being a Microsoft RD (Regional Director) and one of the longest-serving MVPs (1996-present). Twice a year Markus travels the USA presenting the free State of .NET: The Road to Windows 8. Markus is the founder of other businesses such as: Tower48 (digital software escrow); Xiine (digital reading); and, more. His expertise and experience in leading the .NET community is already in high demand as Microsoft’s Windows 8 comes into focus.

On March 29th, he will be giving two lectures at DevConnections. The titles of his two sessions are “Architecting Applications for Today and Tomorrow” and “Converting WPF and Silverlight applications to Metro.” Both topics are generating buzz around developers and companies wanting to stay up with current technologies; specifically, what should companies do about investment already made in Silverlight.

This year DevConnections will be held at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV. The conference will take place from March 26th-29th. This conference is a renowned event for developers in any environment to come together and learn about new technologies and expand their professional network. The entire conference will be celebrating the beta release of Visual Studio 11 and breaking out into the following subgroups: Visual Studio Connections, SharePoint Connections, Microsoft Silverlight Connections, ASP & HTML 5 Connections, SQL Server Connections, and Cloud & Windows Connections.

About CODE Magazine and EPS Software
Founded in 1993 by Markus Egger, EPS Software Corp. is the world’s premier provider in high-tech consulting and custom software services. EPS software publishes CODE Magazine (the Leading Independent Developer Publication) and owns CODE Consulting, CODE Training, and other CODE divisions. CODE’s main focus is on Microsoft technologies, as well as Apple and Google platforms. EPS has a staff and contractor network of industry renowned experts; the staff has earned and maintained more Microsoft MVP Awards than any other company. Markus Egger, founder and president of EPS/CODE, is the Microsoft Regional Director (RD) for the US Gulf Coast Region.

About Windows 8 with CODE Magazine
Windows 8 was officially announced at Microsoft’s annual //BUILD/ Conference on September 13th 2011. This is not simply a new version of Windows, but a complete re-design utilizing traditional Desktop applications and a new paradigm of “Metro” style applications. Windows 8 is streamlined to run on mobile devices as well as standard laptops and tower hardware. The key standout in this new product line is that Windows 8 is centered on touch control and seamless integration between all applications. More information on Windows 8 can be found at

CODE Consultants are the world’s premier providers of Microsoft WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), Silverlight technology, and HTML 5 related services. Being the foremost provider of standard practices and components (“framework”) around those technologies, EPS/CODE is in a unique position to provide technology, services, and knowledge around any Windows 8 Development. CODE Consultants have already made a huge investment into Windows 8 and will continue to do so.

More about Markus Egger
Native to Salzburg, Austria, Markus started his first business at age 14. Egger Publishing Service (EPS) began in 1993 in Austria and came to the US in 1999. In his spare time, Markus is an enthusiastic Ice Hockey player (and supporter) as well as an avid windsurfer, traveler, and general enthusiast of sports such as SCUBA diving or mountain biking. On rainy days Markus either reads, enjoys a computer game, or researches new technologies. He is an international author and has been published in CODE Magazine, MSDN Magazine, Visual Studio Magazine, ASP.NET Pro Magazine, FoxPro Advisor, Fuchs, FoxTalk and Microsoft Office & Database Journal, and written his own books. Markus has earned numerous awards, both personally and professionally.

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