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HTML is the most widely available and deployed application platform today, spanning a wide range of technologies and standards. We perform most of our web development with ASP.NET (MVC and WebForms) and Ruby. CODE can help you with various aspects of any development project including HTML4/5, CSS, ASP.NET, JavaScript or jQuery, and more. CODE can even help you with the graphic design of your websites and apps. CODE Consulting has the expertise to train, mentor or write your complete web application.

The Web is the most popular and most far-reaching application platform today, enabling a plethora of interactive scenarios, from eCommerce, to buisness applications and social networks. Web Applications are built on a variety of standards and technologies (such as HTTP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS,...) and are based on a large number of various server technologies, and we can assist you with many of these technologies including Microsoft's ASP.NET - both in MVC and WebForms- and Ruby (especially Ruby on Rails).

We offer services for multiple web application development scenarios, from deployment in Intranet data centers to the Cloud. We can provide an entire team including management, or provide a single expert that can solve a certain problem or advise you on specific needs in an engagement that could be as short as a few hours. We have the ability to adjust to our clients' needs, and due to our large network of experts (internal and external), we can provide the expert for any situation.

Common Technologies

Web applications and sites are built with a variety of technologies and techniques, and we do not claim to know all of them; however, here is a list of the ones we are experts on:

  • ASP.NET (MVC and WebForms)
  • HTML (4 and 5)
  • JavaScript (including jQuery and similar frameworks)
  • CSS (Cascading Stylesheets)
  • AJAX
  • Services and SOA
  • SQL Server
  • Ruby

Our Expertise

Our expertise in Web development reaches back to the mid-90s, when the "World Wide Web" was in its infancy and the first web sites (especially eCommerce) had just started. Our experts assisted various early eCommerce pioneers in the development of some of the largest web sites of the time based on, what would now be considered, very primitive and low-level web technology. Since then, we have constantly kept up with times and have stayed on the forefront of Web development, especially on the Microsoft platform, with ASP.NET (WebForms and MVC).

Many of our current web projects are based on ASP.NET MVC using HTML 4 and HTML 5. Most projects use many client-side technologies such as JavaScript and AJAX, jQuery, and of course, CSS. At CODE, we also employ seasoned graphic designers who can make your web site or application look professional and polished.

CODE Consulting has experts on staff as well as access to CODE's extensive network of contractors and authors to ensure that we don't just provide any expert, but the expert, when sophisticated issues arrive.

Starting a Web Project

As with many of our projects, we typically begin Web Projects with a Vision & Scope Workshop in order to determine the overall goals of the project, the size of the effort, and the best approach. Based upon the findings of this process, we work together, with clients to decide on the next steps of the project. Often, there may be a Proof of Concept or Prototype phase that moves into a further standard development process to ensure complete understanding of a client's needs and expectations.

Project Lifecycle and Development Approach

Web Application projects vary greatly in size and complexity, and thus, the development and project management approach must be customized accordingly. We work with our customers to decide on the best possible approach that matches the customer’s needs and incorporates CODE at the level desired, whether that be a small supporting role, or the other end of the spectrum, in which CODE manages and attends to a majority of the project and its facets.

Many Web Application projects utilize some variation of an Agile methodology which we are skilled in adapting and tailoring to your projects.

Purchase Options

Web Applications come in all shapes and sizes, and the most appropriate business arrangements for such projects need to be determined on a case-by-case basis, together with the customer. In many cases, Web Application projects are set up as “time-and-materials” projects and billed on an hourly basis (on an ongoing schedule, through service agreements, or as pre-paid hourly blocks). Sometimes, Web Application development can also be billed on a fixed-price basis, but due to the complexity and size of such projects, this is only possible under specific conditions and scenarios. Graphic design tasks are often billed at a fixed price for a certain set of designs.

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