Visual FoxPro (VFP) PJX Analyzer Tool

The Project (PJX) Analyzer is a free utility that determines the contents of a Visual FoxPro application by examining the application's PJX and associated files.

The information from that examination is concisely displayed through a graphical user interface or printed reports. The information gathered by PJX Analyzer provides major statistics and metrics including a suite of eleven analytic subsystems to determine the size and complexity of a VFP application. This is a necessary element of estimating the level of effort involved in a conversion of a VFP application to another platform such as .NET.

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PJX Analyzer

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The Project (PJX) Analyzer is the first step of our proven process:

VFP Conversion Steps

3 Easy Steps:

  1. Analyze your existing VFP application with our FREE PJX Analyzer Tool
  2. Create a plan with our Vision and Scope Workshop
  3. Follow the plan to convert your existing application using your own in-house resources or with our help. We offer a full range of services from mentoring to insure your project is on track, to staff augmentation, to complete turn-key systems. Whatever you need for your project conversion, CODE Consulting can help.