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  • Your household will never be the same after you get Alexa. Chris shows you how to help her understand your requests by building a small trivia game.
  • Like everyone else, you’ve probably been struggling with virtualization taking up a lot of space on your laptop. Sahil shows you a great way to lessen the demand while increasing the performance with Docker.
  • Ben Coe gives us tips on planning an engineering project when you’re starting with a blank slate. He starts with hosting options, addresses scaling, and looks at tools like Heroku, Amazon’s Web Services (AWS), Amazon’s Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2), and the Twelve-Factor App Manifesto.
  • Special tools are necessary to make the switch from clunky desktops to fluid mobile apps, and if you want to give your mobile device (or your clients’) access to the Internet of Things (IoT), you need to know about them. Wei-Meng and Clarence have done the hard part of researching it, and they recommend Raspberry Pi.
  • You might have heard about Node.js and always wanted to try it. With Ben’s guidance, you can get a simple Node.js app up and running, and learn about some other useful tools as you go.
  • My first experience with AWS was building a prototype for a website called My friend Jesse Miller and I built the site over several weekends, and hosted it on a single EC2 instance. Two years, dozens of EC2 instances, and hundreds of thousands of users later, we’re still on AWS.