Articles filed in category 'Data Science'

  • It’s when you’re working with lots of data that you start looking around for an easier way to keep track of it all. Machine learning and artificial intelligence seem like the obvious answers, and Sahil shows you why.
  • Mike looks at the technology that allows multiple teams to connect and scale their data despite disparate data storage methods.
  • When it’s time to wire your house to precipitate your every whim or need, you want to be sure that your robot doesn’t mistake “catsup” for “catnip.” Sahil talks about facial recognition and how it’s connected to speech and understanding.
  • If you’re curious about Data Science or Python—and if you’re interested in the Internet of Things, you should be—you’ll find this introduction both important and exciting. Wei-Meng makes it all clear for us by explaining the basics.
  • Learning R sets you up for creating machine learning projects. Wei-Meng takes a close look at the language, which can implement a wide variety of statistical techniques, tests, analysis, classification, clustering, and can help you produce publication-quality graphs.
  • You know that F# is the Next Big Thing, but did you know that it uses type providers? Rachel shows you how to use them to access data in no time.